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21 Questions With Kirk Gait

1. Name & age?

Kirk Gaitskell-Kendrick, 25

2.What have you been up to recently?

A lot of working, filming skating and partying. Had Aidan Chung stay over for a week recently to film and that was a joy.

Aidan Chung in Another Day by Raoul Barberis

3. How is life currently treating you?

It’s exciting.

4. You been filming for anything recently?

Lots and lots, everyone seems really locked in. I think this year will be special.

5. Outside of skating what do you do?

Try and have fun, stay sane.

6. Favourite food?


7. Favourite music?

Honestly, I like so many genres. Shoegaze, Powerviolence, Techno, Ambient… some video game soundtracks.

8. Favourite skater to film (can be multiple)? 

I genuinely can’t pick one. Obviously there’s Teo, Billy and Harry as the main guys I film. I love those guys with all my heart.

Spending time in SF and spending time with Will See, who introduced me to Nick Gorham and Wille Swain.

Will See in Sierra by Kirk Gait

Those were great times. I won’t list out every name - no one wants to read that. If I’ve ever pointed a camera at you, it’s special to me.

9. Skate hot take

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

10. 1 million pound or dinner with Pontus Alv?

I’ve had pizza and cocktails with Alv, so this time, I’m taking that million!

11. What are you hyped on at this moment?

Plushb4by and Paw2000

12. Fav videos 

To keep it brief, Supreme’s “cherry” will always be special to me. Grant Dawson’s ‘got’, ‘woke up’ and ‘lesser’; Grant’s is a great friend and huge inspiration for me. Mind Field is obviously a big one too.

Lesser by Grant Dawson

More recently, definitely ‘Belzinz’, ‘Stu004’ and ‘PIGGY’ all really get me excited to film. 

I have to touch on Vivid’s latest video, ‘time kills all things’. They way that video challenged the format, it’s already inspired me. 

13. You a TikTok guy or na (if so what are your thoughts on it)

I love the weird London geography TikTok accounts. I’ve found spots on TikTok, so definitely pro TikTok.

14. Filming or skating?

Always filming, I hope my videos are more entertaining than my skating.

15. Something that you needs to breakout of the underground and into mainstream (can be anything)


16. Where are you living right now?

Somewhere in the chaos that is South East London.

17. How are you finding it, positives and negatives if there is any

It’s great, being this close to my friends has changed my life. I’ve never been as happy.

18. Which pro wouldn’t you want in your vid?

Jason Jessee for obvious reasons.

19. Bristol or London?

I’ve never been to Bristol, so it has to be London.

20. No music or no film for a year?

There’s enough beauty in the world for me to avoid film. Experiencing the world in front of me is enough sometimes. So I’d take that, but I might need a dope soundtrack.

21. Where do you see yourself in a year from now ?

Hopefully being better than I was the year before.

let down by Kirk Gait


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